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Deception Point Page 88 Free Essays

Tolland thought about it. The Mariana Trench was seven miles down, one of the keep going genuinely unexplored locales on the planet. Just a bunch of mechanical tests had ever wandered that profound, and most had fell well before they arrived at the base. We will compose a custom article test on Trickiness Point Page 88 or on the other hand any comparative theme just for you Request Now The water pressure in the channel was gigantic an astonishing eighteen thousand pounds for each square inch, rather than a negligible twenty-four beats on the ocean’s surface. Oceanographers despite everything had next to no comprehension of the geologic powers at the most profound sea floor. â€Å"So, this person Pollock thinks the Mariana Trench can make rocks with chondrulelike features?† â€Å"It’s an amazingly dark theory,† Xavia said. â€Å"In reality, it’s never at any point been officially distributed. I just happened to discover Pollock’s individual notes on the Web by chance a month ago when I was doing explore on liquid stone cooperations for our up and coming megaplume appear. Else, I could never have known about it.† â€Å"The hypothesis has never been published,† Corky stated, â€Å"because it’s ludicrous. You need warmth to shape chondrules. There’s no chance water weight could revamp the crystalline structure of a rock.† â€Å"Pressure,† Xavia terminated back, â€Å"happens to be the single greatest supporter of geologic change on our planet. A touch of something many refer to as a changeable stone? Geography 101?† Corky frowned. Tolland acknowledged Xavia had a point. Despite the fact that warmth played a job in some of earth’s transformative geography, most changeable rocks were shaped by outrageous weight. Extraordinarily, shakes somewhere down in the earth’s outside layer were under so much weight that they acted more like thick molasses than strong stone, getting versatile and experiencing substance changes as they did. In any case, Dr. Pollock’s hypothesis despite everything appeared to be a stretch. â€Å"Xavia,† Tolland said. â€Å"I’ve never knew about water pressure alone synthetically adjusting a stone. You’re the geologist, what’s your take?† â€Å"Well,† she stated, flipping through her notes, â€Å"it seems as though water pressure isn’t the main factor.† Xavia found a section and read Pollock’s notes verbatim. â€Å"‘Oceanic hull in the Mariana Trench, effectively under tremendous hydrostatic pressurization, can wind up additionally compacted by structural powers from the region’s subduction zones.'† Obviously, Tolland thought. The Mariana Trench, notwithstanding being squashed under seven miles of water, was a subduction zone-the pressure line where the Pacific and Indian plates advanced toward each other and impacted. Consolidated weights in the channel could be gigantic, and on the grounds that the zone was so remote and perilous to consider, if there were chondrules down there, odds of anybody thinking about it were thin. Xavia continued perusing. â€Å"‘Combined hydrostatic and structural weights might constrain covering into a flexible or semiliquid state, permitting lighter components to meld into chondrulelike structures thought to happen just in space.'† Corky feigned exacerbation. â€Å"Impossible.† Tolland looked at Corky. â€Å"Is there any elective clarification for the chondrules in the stone Dr. Pollock found?† â€Å"Easy,† Corky said. â€Å"Pollock found a real shooting star. Shooting stars fall into the sea constantly. Pollock would not have suspected it was a shooting star on the grounds that the combination outside would have disintegrated away from years under the water, making it resemble an ordinary rock.† Corky went to Xavia. â€Å"I don’t assume Pollock had the minds to quantify the nickel content, did he?† â€Å"Actually, yes,† Xavia terminated back, flipping through the notes once more. â€Å"Pollock composes: ‘I was shocked to discover the nickel substance of the example falling inside a midrange esteem not for the most part connected with earthly rocks.'† Tolland and Rachel traded surprised looks. Xavia kept perusing. â€Å"‘Although the amount of nickel doesn't fall inside the regularly worthy midrange window for meteoritic starting point, it is shockingly close.'† Rachel looked grieved. â€Å"How close? Is there any way this sea rock could be confused with a meteorite?† Xavia shook her head. â€Å"I’m not a substance petrologist, yet as I get it, there are various concoction contrasts between the stone Pollock found and real meteorites.† â€Å"What are those differences?† Tolland squeezed. Xavia directed her concentration toward a diagram in her notes. â€Å"According to this, one contrast is in the synthetic structure of the chondrules themselves. It would appear that the titanium/zirconium proportions contrast. The titanium/zirconium proportion in the chondrules of the sea test showed ultradepleted zirconium.† She turned upward. â€Å"Only two sections for each million.† â€Å"Two ppm?† Corky shouted. â€Å"Meteorites have a great many occasions that!† â€Å"Exactly,† Xavia answered. â€Å"Which is the reason Pollock thinks his sample’s chondrules are not from space.† Tolland hung over and murmured to Corky, â€Å"Did NASA happen to quantify the titanium/zirconium proportion in the Milne rock?† â€Å"Of course not,† Corky faltered. â€Å"Nobody could ever quantify that. It’s like taking a gander at a vehicle and estimating the tires’ elastic substance to affirm you’re taking a gander at a car!† Tolland hurled a moan and glanced back at Xavia. â€Å"If we give you a stone example with chondrules in it, would you be able to run a test to decide if these considerations are transient chondrules or†¦ one of Pollock’s profound sea pressure things?† Xavia shrugged. â€Å"I assume. The electron microprobe’s exactness ought to be sufficiently close. What’s this about, anyway?† Tolland went to Corky. â€Å"Give it to her.† Corky hesitantly pulled the shooting star test from his pocket and held it out for Xavia. Xavia’s forehead wrinkled as she took the stone circle. She peered toward the combination hull and afterward the fossil implanted in the stone. â€Å"My God!† she stated, her head soaring upward. â€Å"This isn’t part of†¦?† â€Å"Yeah,† Tolland said. â€Å"Unfortunately it is.† 106 Alone in her office, Gabrielle Ashe remained at the window, thinking about what to do straightaway. Not exactly an hour back, she had left NASA feeling loaded with energy to share Chris Harper’s PODS extortion with the congressperson. Presently, she wasn’t so sure. As indicated by Yolanda, two autonomous ABC correspondents associated Sexton with accepting kickbacks. Moreover, Gabrielle had recently discovered that Sexton really realized she had snuck into his condo during the SFF meeting, but then he had said nothing to her regarding it? Gabrielle murmured. Her taxi had since a long time ago withdrew, and in spite of the fact that she would call another in almost no time, she knew there was something she needed to do first. Am I truly going to attempt this? Gabrielle grimaced, knowing she didn’t have a decision. She no longer realized whom to trust. Venturing out of her office, she advanced go into the secretarial entryway and into a wide passage on the contrary side. At the far end she could see the huge oak entryways of Sexton’s office flanked by two banners Old Glory on the privilege and the Delaware banner on the left. His entryways, similar to those of most senate workplaces in the structure, were steel strengthened and made sure about by ordinary keys, an electronic key cushion section, and an alert framework. She knew whether she could get inside, regardless of whether for just a couple of moments, all the appropriate responses would be uncovered. Pushing now toward the intensely made sure about entryways, Gabrielle had no deceptions of traversing them. She had different plans. Ten feet from Sexton’s office, Gabrielle went forcefully to one side and went into the ladies’ room. The fluorescents went ahead consequently, reflecting brutally off the white tile. As her eyes balanced, Gabrielle stopped, seeing herself in the mirror. Not surprisingly, her highlights looked milder than she’d trusted. Sensitive nearly. She generally felt more grounded than she looked. Is it true that you are certain you are prepared? Instructions to refer to Deception Point Page 88, Essay models

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International Accounting Standards Essay

†¢In your conclusion, how might the AICPA reception of International Accounting Standards possibly influence how American organizations esteem stock? Clarify. †¢Why does the central government take into consideration quickened devaluation of fixed resources in any event, when the helpful life and utility of the benefits unmistakably adjust more to straight-line deterioration? Clarify. †¢In your supposition, for what reason are a few bonds sold at a markdown and others at a higher cost than normal? How does this influence the representing the bonds? At the point when the terms premium and rebate are utilized concerning bonds, they are telling speculators that the price tag of the bond is either above or beneath its standard worth. For instance, if a bond with a standard estimation of $1,000 is selling at a superior when it very well may be purchased for more than $1,000 and is selling at a markdown when it tends to be purchased for under $1,000. Securities can be sold for more and not exactly their standard qualities due to changing financing costs. Like most fixed-pay protections, securities are profoundly related to financing costs. At the point when loan fees go up, a bond’s showcase cost will fall and the other way around. To all the more likely clarify this, let’s take a gander at a model. Envision that the market loan cost is 3% today and you just bought a security paying a 5% coupon with a presumptive worth of $1,000. In the event that loan fees go somewhere around 1% from the hour of your buy, you will have the option to sell the bond for a benefit (or a premium ). This is on the grounds that the security is presently paying more than the market rate (in light of the fact that the coupon is 5%). The spread used to be 2% (5%-3%), however it’s now expanded to 3% (5%-2%). This is a streamlined perspective on bond’s cost, the same number of different elements are included; in any case, it shows the general connection among securities and loan fees. †¢What associations are answerable for administering money related announcing? What is the job of every association? How have the jobs changed over the most recent 20 years? By what means may their jobs change in the following 20 years?

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Google and Bing Are Lying! Disavow Links Cannot Save You

Google and Bing Are Lying! Disavow Links Cannot Save You Make Money Online Queries? Struggling To Get Traffic To Your Blog? Sign Up On (HBB) Forum Now!Google and Bing Are Lying! Disavow Links Cannot Save YouUpdated On 14/05/2014Author : Michael EvansTopic : SEOShort URL : CONNECT WITH HBB ON SOCIAL MEDIA Follow @HellBoundBlogMeaning of the word Disavow is Deny any responsibility or support for. (via Google)After denying the existence of Negative SEO, it seems Google and Bing have finally woken up to the reality thanks to the consistent pressured built by the webmasters. By promising to launch a new option in Google Webmaster Tools â€" Disavow Links, Google has made it clear that backlinks from bad sites can affect visibility of a website negatively and which is why you must “Disavow” links.Bing has gone a bit step further by launching the option already. So, does this mean this new feature â€" “Disavow Links” is going to save you and your website from the onslaught of Negative SEO? You can take a leap of fai th with the search engines as you are living in a democratic country but I will not. I have a doubt, a strong one indeed that, Link Disavow option is a just a gimmick, an attempt to make webmasters believe that the fate of their websites is in their hands. Now, if you are unable to see the reality, here are some pointers that you must take into consideration before coming under their coercion:Dude They will not Change Their Algo: If you believe that Google or Bing will take cue their Disavow Links and will make changes in their algo just to safeguard the interest of your websites, you are living in a fool’s paradise. How come do you believe that they will take that pain to do that for you? Moreover, is it possible, humanly or non-humanly to make changes in a sophisticated algo developed by search engines in every now or then? Definitely, you cannot expect that Google and Bing will be doing extra work so that your website rank high in some competitive keywords. They are not running a search engine for charity; they are trying hard to keep their result page SPAM free just because it is the only way to beat the competitors.They are Gathering Intelligence: You might be wondering if the search engines are not to use the signals from Disavow Links options, why the hell on earth they launched it? Valid question and the answer is they have launched it to gather intelligence. Search engines always try to solve things algorithmically but they are finding it tough to make their SERP neat and clean without human intervention. They have already realized that an algo, no matter how much sophisticated it is, is still lagging far behind from determining the quality of a web page. This is the reason why they are passing the torch to the webmasters. Webmasters, as we know, will do their best to safeguard the interest of their website and in doing so, they will start discounting those links are that adding zero value to their website.  Since webmasters are quite capable of de termining the quality of websites, they can inform search engines straightaway which sites are good and which ones are bad. So, search engines, regardless of the fact whether they are to respect the signals of “Disavow Links or not”, are going to have detailed information about the quality of a website right from the horse mouth, I mean the webmasters.READGoogle Panda Penalty: Why Your Site Traffic Is Going DownYou are not Safe: Yes, even after Disavowing Links that you have not built, there are still chances that Google and Bing may override them, as they do not trust you or any other webmasters. Disavow Links will be treated as a signal, not even a strong one, and that means, if your website gets penalized because of bad links, you cannot expect an overnight recovery. It will be a painfully slow recovery, if the recovery ever starts.So, Disavow Links is the one stop solution of the bad neighborhood links. You need to act proactively and try your level best to get them down as far as possible if you are to see a speedy recovery. Couples with link unbuilding and Disavowing them via webmaster tools, you can expect a recovery.This article is written by Michael Evans. He is a social media analyst and he is also associated with Webarts that offers Search Engine Optimization services.

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Recovering from the Global Financial Crisis - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 7 Words: 1972 Downloads: 6 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Finance Essay Type Research paper Did you like this example? In the current situation of recovery of the global crisis, most consumers assess the value of the service they receive against the value of money they spend. Consumer perception of the service quality and the ways to improve the service quality are of vital important to the sustainability and profit of any organisation .But the low cost carriers (LCC) are providing cheap fares for flights with less services to the customer are making higher profit than the traditional flag carriers and other airlines .Consumption of this service raise question about the customer satisfaction that is happening and the role of service and its perception In the LCC industry. I am trying to shed light to this particular market segment by highlighting the role Ryanair. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Recovering from the Global Financial Crisis" essay for you Create order Ryanair is one the largest airlines in the world with over 63 Mn customers, 950 routes connecting 150 destinations with over 1200 flights each day across 26 countries (Ryanair annual report, 2009).They are the only profit making airlines and their motto is low cost and high volume and higher profit, with a lower profit margin for each customer. They have higher profit and lower costs and the cost comes down by 20% percent in each year by their various low cost strategies. These low cost strategies had considerable effect on the consumer services and policies. The research about consumer perception and expectation in the Ryanair found to be quite interesting and relevant and is this is why I am choosing this particular topic. The paper is a research proposal for successfully completing my Master of Business Administration In university of Wales Lampeter, UK. The proposal starts with a relevant title with a brief introduction of the chosen topic .This is followed by the reason fo r the choices of the particular topic. The aim and the objectives of the research are clearly mentioned thereafter. The following part is a literature review and it analyses the most relevant literatures related to the topic of consumer perception and satisfaction. The Research methodologies along with the data analysis for this research are mentioned thereafter. The expected findings of the research are mentioned In the end. PROVISONAL TITLE Consumer expectation and Perception of service and its quality in Low Cost Carriers (LCC)- A study based on Ryanair The dissertation is for finding out the the level of expectation of the LCC customers and up to what level are they satisfied. This will shed light to the recent success of the LCC like Ryanair. The literature review is done to understand the issues and views regarding the consumer expectation and satisfaction in general and particularly in the airline industry. The topic becomes more relevant as the sector is a service industry where the quality of service is assessed by the provided and experienced quality by the customer who consumes the service. The analysis that is being carried out is empirical and the research on the consumer perception and satisfaction of the Ryanair will expose the performance of the organisation in the LCC service industry. Even though the prevalence of high competition and the economic issue in the airline industry Ryanair was the only company to post a profit in the recession period continuously. The research will also reveal their consumer strategies a nd the reasons for their huge success. Aims and Objectives Aim: The dissertation tries to reveal the consumer perception and satisfaction in the LCC market with the analysis of Ryanair. The process will also reveal the expectation levels of the consumers in the LCC industry and particularly in the Ryanair. Various factors which have an impact in customer perception of the quality, both technical and functional quality is analysed and reviewed. Factors like the behaviour of the employees in service encounters and the impact of the service provisioning are taken into consideration for a better understanding of the chosen topic and its relevance. Objectives of the study: Analyse the literature review that is associated with the customer perception and expectation in the airline industry. Analyse whether the accelerated profit earned is a part of the growth of the LCC market and the role and impact of Ryanair strategies in consumer perception and satisfaction. Analyse the role of Ryanair and along with its competitors Use of various research methods to understand the consumer perceptions and the factors that cause consumer expectations and the level of that. Factors that need to be improved in the customer service of the LCC market will be identified and explained. LITERATURE REVIEW To analyse the service quality perceived it is important to understand the expected and perceived service quality by the customer in the end. For this purpose the GAP model proposed by Parasuraman et al (1985) is used. They contend that GAPS do exists when customer expectation are perceived by management (gap 1), when the perceived expectation are put as service quality specification (gap 2), service delivery (gap 3), when external communications happen to the customer (gap 4) and the gap between the perceived and expected service quality by the customer (gap 5).The final gap, that is the gap 5 is a function of all the other gaps and will be reflected in the perceived service quality by the customer. They further assert that there are several factors that the customers take into account of the organisation while making a valuation of the service quality. Reliability, responsiveness, competence, access, courtesy, communication, credibility, security, understanding of customer needs, tangibles in the service encounter. These factors do have an impact on the perceived service quality by the customer. Sultan and Simpson (2000) further assert that out of these 10 factors, 5 factors are extremely important for the airline industry which the customers use frequently to evaluate the perceived service quality. They support the usage of the model in the airline industry also. These factors are reliability, Responsiveness, Assurance, Empathy and Tangibles out of which reliability is the highest factor. Chau and Kao (2009) supported these factors and did further study on this area. Their findings revealed there exists significant gaps between the expected and perceived service quality by the customers making the gap 5 big in the case of airline industry. They further contend that there is a huge scope of improvement for all airlines careers including the low cost carriers and failure to do so will result in alternate choices made by the customers on the use of airlines. He further asserts the importance of pricing and he value of the service the customer is getting for the particular price. Such comparisons are normal and increases the gap. Frost and Kumar (2000) assert another factor that effect the final service quality in the airline environment. They contend that in airline industry the internal service quality by the internal service suppliers and customers (employees) play a major role in the perceived service quality of the customers. They also support the 5 factors that needed to be considered to maintain the high service quality and to reduce the gap 5. Johnston (1995) also support the importance of aforementioned 5 factors in any service environment. Ryanair is a highly profitable organisation for the past decade and the LCC market has been growing significantly during this period with Ryanair making the most out of it. Ryanair strategy is to keep the cost down and does not bother too much for the customer satisfaction part. They pe rform all the measures which are needed to keep their cost down. Their strategies include flying to secondary airports, extra charges for baggage, online check in, charges for on board food and water etc. They transfer all these cost cuts to their fares and make the fares cheaper for the customers. But they do this by deteriorating their service quality to their customers. Due to this the gap between the expected and measured service quality that prevails Ryanair is not considered as a best service provider. In fact they are the worst brand in UK according to Family brands Poll (2009).In spite of all these Ryanair is posting profits in each quarter and the link between profits and customer satisfaction becomes questionable in the case of Ryanair which makes this study very interesting and relevant. Ryanair strategies are very different from their competitors and specially from the traditional carriers whom they are competing with right now for acquiring their market share. They h ave used the global recession to attract more international European customers with their low fare strategy offering strict competition to the traditional carriers. Research Methodology In order to analyse the data which is required to analyse customer perceptions and satisfaction in the UK , various research methodologies have to be used Primary Sources Interviews: This method is mainly used for internal research and is a source of primary data. The interview or internal research will be with few managers of the customer service department of the Ryanair. The interviews will try to highlight or to give an insight on the view of customer service by the managers and what corporate culture Ryanair practice, the attitude of the employees etc. Although this is the easiest way to find out it is sometimes difficult to get a clear view of whats happening by interviewing some of the managers and their view points. In fact their view might be different from the actual real view is. So the relevance of data from these meeting are questionable and cannot be applied from a wider context. Questionnaires: These are the most efficient way of analysing data from customers and employees without much hassle. Moreover I will be able to create a questionnaire with a distinct set of questions which will aptly suit my topic. I can also design it acco rding to the need of data required and can be done separately for customers and employees of the firm. This will give a much better view customer perception and satisfaction and will be able to analyse the data appropriately. The issue with the questionnaire is the lengthy time it will take of getting a response and analysis of the data. Also completion of the questionnaire depends on the personal who is doing it and it varies according to the person haste. Secondary Sources Book Review: reading of books and other articles related to the section of customer perception and satisfaction contributes to the external research that is being undertaken by me .These books and articles will be precisely in the field of airlines to conform to the chosen topic Internet Research: A source of secondary research which will help in vast analysis of data particularly as Ryanair stories are celebrated vastly by the media. This will help a lot in accumulation of data for customer perception and satisfaction in the case of Ryanair. Documents: They will provide with details with organisational data like the annual report, investor report and financial report required for data analysis. Data Analysis : Both Quantitative and Qualitative anaylsis has to be performed for data analysis. Quantitative analysis: It is related to the number of data or units of different data. Charts, tables, graphs are derived from the data. Various methods like project management can be used for analysis of data obtained. The data can be obtained from various reports and from the information gathered from questionnaire. Qualitative analysis: Qualitative data gathered from the interview, questionnaire are analysed on the basis of the quality of description. Usage of computer software is recommended because this will reduce complexity and provide flexibility for the usage and processing of data Form and structure of presentation of the dissertation The report will be in written format which will include tables, charts and graphs which are used for analysis. Findings-Projected The report is projected to analyse the particular topic its applicability and for finding the scope of improvement of it. Research Time Table Months(February-June)  Months Feb March april May June Weeks 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Problem Identification                     Literature Review                     Research Design                     Choice of Methodology                     Data Sources                     Data Collection                     Data Analysis                     Writing up Draft                     Editing                     Final Document                     Binding of Document                    Â

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Alabam A Big Part Of Alabama s Geography - 2029 Words

Alabama By Isaac Hilton ‘Climbed lone Nebo’s Mount to see, Alabama, Alabama!’ You painfully hike up the last bit of Alabama’s highest mountain, with an elevation of 2,411ft. When you get to the top, a feeling of pride washes over you for conquering this colossal mountain. You’re so thirsty, you could drink the whole ocean. Instead, you drain the rest of your quarter-full water bottle. You’re as starving as a shark, ready to kill its’ prey. You eat your whole sandwich in 30 seconds. Now you sit down, feel the breeze, and enjoy the beautiful Alabama scenery. With the clear blue skies, you can see beautiful trees, bushes, and grass growing abundantly throughout the mountain. Wildlife such as deer and rabbits flock around the sparse areas of†¦show more content†¦The Black Belt is roughly 300 miles long and runs through Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Mississippi. In addition, it has rich, dark soil which makes it great farming and agricul ture. Another region is the Cumberland Plateau. It is known for its red clay soil. Along with that, It has rolling hills, sandstone ridges, and other great things in this stupendous land region. Another addition to these neat regions is the Gulf Coastal Plain. It has many wetlands which are vital sources of shelter for many birds and fish, but almost half of the wetlands were destroyed for agriculture. Right now Alabama is trying to reverse it and bring back those wetlands. Within all of these land regions, Alabama has an interesting climate. The average summer temperature is 91℉, and an average winter temperature of 51℉. The record high and low are a stunning 116℉ and -27℉! Wow! Those are some spectacular temperatures! Not only that, but Alabama’s average yearly rainfall is 56 inches! That’s a lot of rain! Plus, Mobile, Alabama is one of the rainiest cities in the U.S.A., having 67 inches yearly! Alabama also has a very diverse landscape. I t has tons of rivers, including the Alabama River which runs 318 miles long! It also has mountains, including Cheaha Mountain, beaches, like Orange Beach, and valleys such as the Black Belt Valley. All of this landscape and climate is mostly because of Alabama’s location, a Southeastern state. It is bordered by Mississippi on

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The National Violence Against Women - 2318 Words

Millions of adults each year in the USA are affected by intimate partner violence (IPV). â€Å"The National Violence Against Women (NVAW) survey conducted from November, 1995 to May, 1996 indicates that each year an estimated 8.5 million intimate partner victimizations occur among the US population ages 18 and older† (Fang Corso, 2008, p. 303). â€Å"As recognition of IPV as a serious societal problem increases, more attention has been directed to risk and protective factors for IPV perpetration, especially the link between child maltreatment, victimization and future perpetration of IPV† (Fang Corso, 2008, p. 303). More than 80 percent of all victims are maltreated by one or both parents. Several studies have found that children who have experienced child maltreatment (neglect, physical abuse, or sexual abuse) are more likely as adults to conduct IPV. Of these children, 54 percent suffered neglect, while almost a quarter, 23 percent, suffered physical abuse and near ly 12 percent of the victims were sexually abused (Fang Corso, 2008). According to the National Child Abuse Statistics, every year in the United States more than three million reports of child abuse are made, involving more than six million children. In 2012, 78.3 % of those abuse reports were for child neglect. â€Å"While the number of child maltreatment claims is likely an underestimate of the true prevalence, there are still 3.3 million claims of abuse per year in the US, with approximately 30% being confirmed afterShow MoreRelatedLiving Free From Violence Is A Basic Human Right Essay1475 Words   |  6 PagesLiving free from violence is a basic human right, yet millions of women and girls suffer disproportionately from violence both in peace and in war, at the hands of the state, in the home and community. Across the globe, women are beaten, raped, mutilated, and killed with impunity. Violence against women is a technical term used to collectively refer to violent acts that are primarily or exclusively committed against women. Similar to a hate crime, this type of violence targets a specific group withRead MoreAboriginal Women in Canada Essays1375 Words   |  6 PagesThe issue of violence against Aboriginal women is my chosen subtopic that strongly contributes to the history of Aboriginal women’s struggle for rights and identity in Canada. To search relevant newspaper articles for this topic, the databases that were used were Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe, as well as Canadian Newsstand Major Dailies. The reason these two databases were chosen was because Canadian Newsstand offered articles from multiple newspapers in the country, therefore providing me with diverseRead MoreMale Abuse Is The Hidden Side Of Domestic Violence1050 Words   |  5 Pagesdomestic violence. Representative sample surveys of the population show that abuse is a fifty-fifty proposi tion when it comes to intimate partner violence. The only exception to these figures is shown in the major national survey produced by the National Violence Against Women survey which found that thirty-six percent of the victims are male (Kimmell, 2001). The issue is not that men don’t tell, no one actually asks. Women on the other hand have the public knowledge that domestic violence occursRead MoreDomestic Violence Has A Huge Effect On People Lives950 Words   |  4 PagesDomestic violence is when one intimate partner is intimidating another partner by physically hitting their partner, emotionally by verbally abusing or degrading them, and sexually by forcing him/her to have any type of sexual intercourse, unwillingly (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, n.d.). Domestic Violence has a huge effect on people lives every day and most people are not aware of the problem to fix it. Most people are so willing to be in a relationship; they are blindsided and/orRead MoreDomestic Bias Of Domestic Violence1659 Words   |  7 Pages Domestic Bias in Violence Unprovoked battering. Over the years the term domestic violence has been given mass popularity in society. This is due to the many highly publicized events ranging from the Ray Rice’s abuse charges all the way to the murder trial of O.J. Simpson. The term domestic violence has emerged from a vow of silence in households to a prevalent discussion that has flourished throughout society. Or has it? Yes, domestic violence has been recognized as an issue in society. This hasRead MoreBrief Background: Bhutan being mainly a Buddhist country, people around the world would probably700 Words   |  3 Pagesprobably be having a notion of a peaceful family life which is much more harmonious than many other countries. However, it would be a great surprise on their part to find that domestic violence is quite common in Bhutan despite comparatively slow rate of urbanization than the neighboring countries. Domestic violence is a well-known and often-used term. Although it may describe various violent relationships, such as child abuse, elder abuse, it is most commonly applied to an intimate relationship betweenRead MoreThe Violence Against Women Act914 Words   |  4 PagesPolitical Context Long before its enactment on September 13, 1994, the foundation for the Violence Against Women Act was being constructed. More than 140 years ago, members of the U.S. government were working to end the injustice of violence against women when, in 1871, Alabama was the first state to make it illegal for a man to beat his wife (U.S. Department of Justice, 2010). In 1967, one of the first domestic violence shelters in the country opened its doors in Maine; and from that time until 1994, progressRead MoreKnowing Our History Is Vital To Pursuing Our Future. Our1245 Words   |  5 PagesKnowing our history is vital to pursuing our future. Our history needs to be our guide in making the changes necessary to end the violence. Violence against women has been sanctioned throughout history. We need to know the struggles of those who came before us. By knowing our history we honor their spirits, we keep the flame of justice alive and it brings us to the stark reality that we have much work sti ll to do. History of the Battered Women’s Movement 753 BC During the reign of Romulus in RomeRead MoreThe National Coalition Against Domestic Violence860 Words   |  4 PagesDomestic violence is violent or aggressive behavior pattern in a relationship between two partners within the home. Domestic Violence typically involves one of the individuals I the relationship to be controlling and wants to take advantage and control of the other. The University of Louisiana at Monroe needs a new organization that can make a difference and give both women and men a sense of hope and safety; this solution should be the National Coalition against Domestic Violence (NCADV). The NationalRead MoreDomestic Violence And Sexual Violence1535 Words   |  7 Pagesworld, one in every three women has been coerced into having intercourse, beaten, or abused during some point in her lifetime (Domestic Violence Statistics, 2015). The topic that will be studied with the paper is intimate partner violence or another term that can be used is domestic violence. Domest ic violence or intimate partner violence is the systematic pattern or control or power perpetuated by one partner against another (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, n.d.). Throughout the paper

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Health Care Functions Of Whitlam Memorial Hospital †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about the Health Care Functions Of Whitlam Memorial Hospital. Answer: Introduction: Organizational structure acts as a backbone on which the work processes and the policies of the organisation rely and are built to achieve the objectives (Dischner, 2015). The relationship among the management and the employees and the flow of emotions, ideas and informations are lay out formally through the organisational structure of the organisation (Dischner, 2015). The health cares organisations functions very specifically, executing the services that are of high quality to the patients each and every hour of the day (Dischner, 2015). Hence, the health care organisations for fulfilling such service requirement are to follow the erect organizational structure having different management layers. The different layers of the management are designed in such a way to ensure that the tasks are done exactly and correctly (Dischner, 2015). Whitlam Memorial hospital is also following the traditional bureaucratic structure where the organisation works under the different management layers (Melrose, 2018). The bureaucratic organisational structure includes the hierarchy that moves from the executives to regional managers and then the department managers and at the base shift supervisors works with the frontline employees. The decision making is to pass through the different level of the organisation as compared to the organization that is flat (Melrose, 2018). For example, the refund case has to pass first through the frontline employees and then towards the shift supervisor and after their approval, it passes to the store management the retail outlet in the company with bureaucratic structure. In the origination where the structure is bureaucratic, their authorities are usually centred at the crest, and information usually surges from the crest to down (Melrose, 2018). This encourages the culture of the company to be foc used on standards and rules, where the operational procedure is strictly controlled with certain best methodologies and supervision (Singh, 2013). The current traditional bureaucratic structure: Top-level managers in bureaucratic organizational structures exercise a great deal of control over organizational strategy decisions, which is ideal for business owners with a command and control style (Singh, 2013). Deliberate decision-making moment under the bureaucratic structure is to be shorter in a high organizational arrangement because only few individuals are involved in the structure (Singh, 2013). Best-practices and Standardization are over and over again highlights in companies with tall managerial structures, making sure that work is again and again completed resourcefully and efficiently. Disadvantages Bossy structures can dishearten innovation and creativity throughout the association. No matter how clever a company owner is, it is almost impossible for a solitary individual to produce the variety of planned ideas probable in a large, interdisciplinary cluster (Abbasi, 2017). Front-line workers may get less fulfilment from their jobs in a severely bureaucratic association, increasing worker earnings rates. Organization bound by severe control can, in addition, find them a lesser amount able to become accustomed to changing circumstances in the industry, marketplace or the legal atmosphere (Abbasi, 2017). Mission and vision: A vision and mission are critical as well as standard elements of a company's managerial strategy. Most well-known companies build up organizational undertaking statements and revelation statements that serve as introductory guides in the enterprise setup of the company objectives (Dharmadasa, 2010) The business then develops tactical and strategic plans for objectives. These statements play 3 main roles: commune the function of the relationship to stakeholders; update strategy expansion, and develop the reckonable objectives and goals by which to measure the accomplishment of the organizations approach (Dharmadasa, 2010). Vision and Mission provide a vehicle for comprehensively communicating an organizations principle and values to all main stakeholders. The stakeholders are those main parties which have some authority over the association or the stake in its expectations (Dharmadasa, 2010).Vision and Mission create a goal for strategy expansion. That is, one decisive factor of a go od quality policy is how well it helps the firm attain its set mission and future vision (Garnett, Lawes, James, Bigland Zander, 2015). Vision statements are significant as such statements provide the bridge between the organisation strategies and mission which develops the sense of responsibility among the employees and thus achieving the objectives of the organisation. Hence, the better vision statements generate restlessness and tension as per the status quo that is; the company to promote the spirit of continuous improvement and innovation (Garnett, Lawes, James, Bigland Zander, 2015). Vision and mission both relate to the organizations aspirations and purpose and are communicated normally in the form of certain brief written statements. The mission statement of the organisation results in communicating the reason related to the presence of the organisation, the purpose of the organisation and how the company aspires to serve the main stakeholders (Garnett, Lawes, James, Bigland Zander, 2015). The vision statement is future-oriented, narrower, the organizations declaration purpose and aspirations. Vision and mission together result in developing the guiding strategy, help to communicate the purpose of the organisation to the stakeholders and inform about the objectives and the goals are set for determining whether the structure of the organisation is working properly according to the objectives (Garnett, Lawes, James, Bigland Zander, 2015). Mission, vision and the goals provide the guide of high level and the organisation structure results in the specific guide f or achieving the objectives and goals, the failure and success of the strategy and also satisfaction related to the different objectives that are stated in the mission statements (Gunasekare, 2016). The secret of developing the better mission statements is to focus on the reason that is related to the organisation existence and not on the services and the products which the organisation provides (Gunasekare, 2016). Organisational Structure: WMH is restructuring itself and increasing the number of the beds form 130 to 250 according to the increase in the capacity for the communities based clinics in the specialities. Hospital is planning to provide certain other new facilities and treatment as per the growing needs of the community, such providing services related o the treatments including, paediatric, cardiovascular, cancer, trauma services, aged care services, community and the renal services. The Matrix organisational structure will be the best structure that is to be applied by the Whitlam Memorial hospital for its restructuring. The matrix structure in a great way accommodates constantly as per the changing landscapes and the requirement of the organisations (Saunila, Mkimattila Salminen, 2014). Matrix is the combinations of the single and the cohesive structure which in turn results in the dual authority system. The matrix organisational structure instead of applying the structure of linear management structure utilizes the dual-reporting associations. Persons, for the completion of the task regardless of the department to which they belong, have to report diverse departments (Saunila, Mkimattila Salminen, 2014). Collaboration is also considered as the significant feature in matrix organisational structures, particularly in a situation where teams are formed, drawing persons from the diverse division of the institute, for the specific project accomplishment (Saunila, Mkimattila Salminen, 2014). The matrix organisational structure is beneficial for the reason of the efficient and the faster flow of the information among the organisation (Zgrzywa-Ziemak, 2015). The information is exchanged at the speedier and the free flowing manner because of the closer cooperation between the organisation and the employees. Data Sharing is also encouraged by the matrix structure, flowing horizontally and vertically, so everyone can access the information as required. The matrix structure results in the rapid flow and exchange of the information with the improving response rate for the changes and the unforeseen circumstances (Zgrzywa-Ziemak, 2015). The structure is more remarkable as it involves the larger number of departments within the organisation. Matrix structure utilizes the resources in an efficient and the cost effective way. The structure results in the department to protect it from the excessive spending on the tools, manpower, and equipment as the same can be sourced from the ot her sections (Zgrzywa-Ziemak, 2015). The structure is also beneficial in the personal and the professional growth of the managers, matrix structure tends to produce the proficient managers and the specialised workers through the information sharing and the experiences which they obtain while working in the different projects of the organisation and hence the structure also results in improved dedication and sense of commitments related to the jobs (Zgrzywa-Ziemak, 2015). Conclusion: Among the strength, there are certain limitations among the Matrix structure, such as creating confusion as a result of the duals the dual authority system. This also results in lack of control and actual loss of the managers in controlling the employees of their own department. This also lessens the sense of accountability and responsibility along the employees. Increases the initial and setup cost of the organisation. The conflicts awaken due to the dual authority among the employees develops the feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction. Whitlam Memorial hospital is restructuring itself into the larger hospital with the increased spaces and treatment facilities, Matrix is the better option as it is suitable for the larger structure organisations, the adaptability and flexibility of the structure will be a better option for the fast pace organisation WHM (Gunasekare, 2016). The different department in the WHM will require the decentralisation process that is to encourage the decision making process at the different level of the different department, for managing the larger organisation WHM requires the flat structure that is the authority is to spread out for taking the decision, hence looking into such factors it is believed that the matrix structuring will be best suitable for the restructuring of the WMH hospital. (Gunasekare, 2016) References Abbasi, B. (2017). 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